Game of Thrones has been one hell of a bloodbath so far in Season 8, and with only one episode to go it's unlikely the series finale will be any different. While "The Long Night" was highly anticipated by fans who expected plenty of characters to kick the bucket, "The Bells" proved to be catastrophically deadly as well. After the episode aired, it left a lot of fans with one big regret.

*Season 8, Episode 5 spoilers below*

The most shocking moment came when Daenerys Targaryen slaughtered tens of thousands of innocent people in King's Landing, despite a proposed plan to spare them if the city's bells rang. When the Lannister forces surrended without Cersei's permission, Daenerys ignored the bells and set alight massive portions of the city while riding atop Drogon. 

In 2018, it was revealed that thousands of children in the United States were named after Game of Thrones characters, with many choosing to name their daughters Khaleesi in honor of Daenerys, who was given the alias when she became a Dothraki queen in Season 1. So now a bunch of parents have kids named after the woman who committed one of the series' most ruthlessly murderous moments.

Now check out some of the best reactions to the unfortunate revelation: