The prolific headlines-generating ways of the infamous Florida Man, sparingly matched only by the occasional Texas Man or Alabama Man, will provide the fuel for a new Oxygen documentary series.

Blumhouse Television and Man vs. Robot are developing the aptly named Florida Man for the network, according to a bit from The Hollywood Reporter on their 2019 plans. "When a crime sounds like it came straight from a Hollywood screenplay, there's a good chance it was committed by a Florida Man," the show's official description states with accuracy.

Also included in that description is word the series will take a look at the "most outrageous, notorious, and craftiest killers" from the state.

"Oxygen is tremendously excited to work with some of the biggest names in the industry on such important projects," Rod Aissa, Oxygen's executive VP of original programming and development, said Tuesday. "This year we've increased our original hours by more than 30 percent, and we'll keep ramping up our programming efforts as more fans flock to the network to experience best-in-class content." 

Though the meme has persisted, there are arguably and decidedly not funny forces at play in some Florida Man stories. The state notably has a problem providing mental health care to its people, among other regional shortcomings, as spoken of in this Poynter post.

Other series mentioned among the new slate of originals include Relentless With Kate Snow, The DNA of Murder With Paul Holes, and Kim Kardashian: The Justice Project.

Among the recent entries in the limitless Florida Man saga is the arrest of a 23-year-old resident whose argued offenses began with his refusal to remove a sticker from his car that read, simply, "I eat ass." Let's just give the whole Oxygen show to that guy.