HBO's Game of Thrones came to a close last night after eight seasons, bidding farewell to the likes of Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen. There were a lot of dramatic moments in the final episode, including the bittersweet goodbye from Brienne of Tarth.

*Game of Thrones series finale spoilers below*

Throughout Brienne's time on GoT, she fostered a romance with Jaime Lannister that finally built towards the two of them getting together by the final season. However, Jaime decided to be with his sister and former lover Cersei as they both died in "The Bells." Despite this, it's clear in the finale that Brienne still loves him, and her final scene shows her writing about his honorable deeds in the White Book so that his legacy won't be forgotten.

Tearfully, she finished his page in a touching reference to a Season 4 episode in which Jaime tells her it's her "duty" as Lord Commander to fill out the pages. "Died protecting his queen," she wrote.

As soon as the scene aired, fans were quick to imagine what she should have wrote instead. Upset at how Jaime left her behind, plenty of inspired memes were born. Check out some of the best interpretations of how the scene should have went below.