Just a few months after dropping arguably the best album of his career, Atlanta's own 2 Chainz is back with the third season of his rich AF Viceland series, Most Expensivest, where Chainz does what he does best: find the most expensive shit to spend his hard-earned guap on.

Premiering on June 11 at 10 p.m. ET, Season 3 of Most Expensivest shows Chainz diving head first into the land of excess, and coming back up with all kinds of jewels, from an $8,000 "intelligent" bong and Bluetooth-enabled sex toys to a robot dog that his homey Trappy can play with. 2 Chainz travels all over, hitting up billionaire and Mavericks owner Mark Cuban in Dallas to experience some of that high-end cowboy life, including some $450,000 tequilla(!) and so much more. Everyone from Amber Rose and Erykah Badu to NFL great Jerry Rice come along for the ride this season.

From what kind of lavish shit you can put into your body (like genetically grown meat) to lavish places you can travel to (like environmentally sustainable mansions), Season 3 of Most Expensivest has got you covered. Check out an exclusive look at the trailer up above, and make sure you're tuned into Viceland on June 11 to catch all of the luxury.