It's always nice to see a show that's been on the air for three decades still pull off the occasional home run. With their musical mocking of upstate New York on Sunday's episode "D'oh Canada," The Simpsons managed exactly that.

The latest season 30 entry featured a parody of Frank Sinatra's "New York, New York" that's packed with ruthless digs at the region. Vocal duties were given to master crooner Homer Simpson, who uses the track's opening lines to set the scene. "Start watching Fox News, stop watching your weight," he sings, later noting there's "no fancy part" of the area to be found.

Homer also made musical note of his desire to clog his heart in the region, not to mention the episode's mockery of everything from Kodak to the Buffalo Bills. For the full clip, head here.

As expected, not everyone was down for the joke. A senior adviser to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, for example, actually carved out the time to tweet about the episode's "dumb cheap shots" to the chagrin of at least one person concerned with the viewing habits of politicians: 

Moving forward, the Simpsons team has no shortage of ideas in motion for future installments of general mockery. As Matt Groening and others detailed at the Tribeca Film Festival Sunday, per Vulture, a list of hopeful future guest stars includes everyone from Justin Trudeau to Tribeca founder Robert De Niro.