The month that will assuredly go down as most notably including the beginning of the end of Game of Thrones is now upon us. As we inch closer to the HBO premiere of the David Nutter-directed Season 8 opener, a multitude of Thrones stars have offered a fair share of vaguely enlightening finale quotes amidst the ensuing press onslaught. For more of that, we now present to you some recent published comments from Maisie Williams.

Speaking with S Magazine for a cover story interview, Williams detailed how it felt to shoot her final Thrones moment as Arya Stark. "It was just a really beautiful day, and a really great final scene for me," Williams, who recently wondered "when the fuck that's gonna come out" when asked about the delays-battling New Mutants, said. "It felt like the right time to say goodbye to Arya."

The extended Season 8 production as a whole, Williams further explained, was a "really emotional" experience. "When I came to shoot my final scene, I had already watched a lot of people wrap and seen all the tears and heard all the speeches," she said.

Investigative Thrones fans have shared a multitude of possible Season 8 moments of closure for Stark and the rest of George R.R Martin's TV universe. Though fan hype is sure to reach a dizzying pitch by month's end, the show's stars and larger creative team have somehow managed to maintain some perspective on the impossibility of true finales.

An indeterminable amount of viewers, co-showrunner Dan Weiss recently told Entertainment Weekly, will hate even "the best of all possible versions" of a Thrones finale. As Weiss explained, nailing down some mythical all-pleasing show-ender is quite simply "an impossible reality that doesn't exist."

As the trailer above does a much better job of reminding you, Game is set to return to its HBO throne on Sunday, April 14.