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Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott will head out on a family vacation soon to help repair their relationship, TMZ reports. 

Sources tell the outlet that the couple is planning the family getaway when Travis has a break from his ASTROWORLD tour next week so they can spend more time with Stormi.

The family went to dinner together on Thursday night, the first time they were seen together since Kylie accused Travis of cheating. According to TMZ, they ate at the Nas-owned Sweet Chick. The spot attracts paparazzi, so the family evidently wanted to be seen.

The outlet also reports that the couple is clearing their busy schedules for the trip, and that they’ve asked their travel agent to find a beach in another country.

Travis has made Kylie a major priority during his ASTROWORLD travels, according to People. An insider told the outlet, “he wants Kylie to be happy. He wants her to know that he very much cares about their family.”

After a show in Nashville on Wednesday, the source told People that Travis flew back to Los Angeles in the middle of the night to be with Kylie. While the visit was short—he had a show in Atlanta on Friday—Kylie was happy to see him. “Things are great when they are together,” the source explained. “Again, it’s just very difficult for Kylie when Travis tours.”

Travis’ constant touring has put a strain on their relationship, and has led to some trust issues for Kylie, who isn’t confident he’ll remain faithful while on tour. In late February, news emerged that Kylie accused Travis of cheating after looking through Scott's phone and finding supposed Instagram evidence of his infidelity.