The stories of Safechuck and Robson are too similar to ignore. Robson, who started dancing (and idolizing) Michael Jackson around age 5, met the superstar during a tour of Australia at 6, after winning a dance competition. Michael invited Robson to dance with him onstage during his Bad tour, and Robson stole the show, decked out to look just like him in the "Bad" video. Safechuck, who was around 9 years old when he met Michael on the set of a Pepsi commercial, went on tour with Michael, dancing during the same segment of the Bad show that Robson would.

The relationships Michael would have with both started out on the phone. Michael was said to spend hours getting to know them and making them feel special. Those phone conversations would turn into visits, first at the Hayvenhurst house (where Michael lived), but also involved situations where Michael would regularly be at Safechuck's home, where they would take walks in his neighborhood in the evening and play games. Safechuck's mother even describes treating Michael like one of her sons, washing his clothes and feeding him, saying that she loved him.