At this point, you should know that Steve McQueen's Widows is not only the best film of 2018 but features Cynthia Erivo's breakout performance and an amazing 10-minute intro. With the Blu-ray edition of Widows hitting shelves on February 5, Fox felt it was time to get a slice of the behind-the-scenes vibe of Widows, which found the Academy Award-winning director interacting with a talented, diverse cast.

"In working with those individuals, as those individuals," McQueen says in the clip, "is something I very much love doing." That was a mutual vibe, as the film's star Viola Davis says she's been "jolted by his honesty," as well as feeling that McQueen always had her back.

You get a glimpse of McQueen's passion for filmmaking, and how that vibe rubs off on those around him. Check out the full clip up above, and when Widows hits Blu-ray, you truly have no excuse. Just dive into the high art heist excellence.