Mike "Societal Collapse" Pence is, albeit with a great amount of annoyance for anyone whose brain is running on full power, currently occupying the role of vice president of these divided states. However, in a CNN poll published this week, as many as 12 percent of Americans have "never heard of" the Trump enabler. 

On Tuesday night's show, Jimmy Kimmel decided to put these poll findings to the ultimate test by sending a team to Hollywood Blvd with a camera and a nauseating photo of Pence. "Of course, the number is expected to go down when he becomes president in a few months, but until then—if you're one of those people—Mike Pence is the vice president of the United States," Kimmel reminded his audience when introducing the segment. "He was created when a bolt of lightning struck a container of nonfat yogurt."

As always, I'm not particularly interested in explaining to you what happens in a video you could just as easily watch on your own. To do so, find your way to the top of this page or just watch it below in a tweet.

The original CNN poll was conducted from Jan. 30-Feb. 2 and included input from 1,011 participants.

In addition to lounging in the White House, Pence is also widely known for fucking with women's right to choose, signing into law LGBTQ discrimination, blocking refugees, and (allegedly) calling his wife Karen "Mother."