Ever get nostalgic for the good old days of T9 texting, customized ringtones, and playing Snake for hours on end because there’s nothing better to do? Yeah, neither do we. FaceTime and Animojis have us in 3008, and there’s no way we’re ever going back to our old school cell phone technology. 

But it is fun to reminisce on the times when having a cell phone was at the top of your pre-teen agenda. Now, with a never-ending technological revolution in full swing, having a mobile phone is no biggie—just ask the toddler with an iPhone X sitting at the table next to you in any restaurant. 

Millennials were truly the first generation to experience first-hand how the use of cell phones could drastically simplify your life. More importantly, we were the first generation to see just how quickly a cell phone can become outdated with the release of something sleeker, smaller, or with a touch screen. 

But no matter how outdated the phones of our youth are today, the best cell phones of the 2000s will always hold a special place in our hearts. Here are the ten best cell phones of our generation.