Located in the Los Angeles suburb of Monrovia, the home where Sandra Bullock’s character Malorie sought shelter in Bird Box has become a major tourist attraction since the film premiered on Netflix in December. The owner of the residence told TMZ that “a handful of visitors” come each day to take photos of the staircase while some have been nice enough to knock on the front door to ask about snapping a picture. Despite what could easily be considered intrusive behavior, the visitors have been described as “very polite.”

No word on if the owner has a blindfold near the front door to play along with the Bird Box fans who decide to knock. The homeowner reveals that she was paid $12,000 for exterior shots, adding that this isn’t the first time that the home has been featured in a movie. In fact, she claims that the house has been used in at least three films over the last 20 years.

Since the film premiered, it has experienced a number of viral moments, including the controversial Bird Box challenge and the memes. The popularity of the home is just the latest chapter in the movie's month-long run. The success of the film begs the question whether there could possibly be a sequel down the road, but that may be too early to speculate. In the meantime, let's just enjoy this ride down the rapids.