In November 2018, Yeezy Season 6 model and Bad Girls Club star Shannade Clermont pleaded guilty to one count of fraud for allegedly spending over $20,000 on a dead man's card. Clermont just had her criminal sentencing pushed back and El Chapo is to blame, according to The Blast.

Her lawyer, Jeffrey Lichtman, is currently busy defending Chapo in court. With his criminal case ongoing, Lichtman asked the judge to postpone Clermont's sentencing from its Feb. 13 date. She is now scheduled to appear in court on April 4 to face a maximum prison sentence of 20 years. Lichtman appears to have worked wonders for his clients before, though, as he managed to get John Gotti Jr. off prison time over fraud charges.

Clermont was indicted last year on three charges: access device fraud, identity theft, and wire fraud. Because she pleaded guilty to the wire fraud, Clermont will not face repercussions for the other two charges. Chapo, meanwhile, is maintaining his innocence in court, pleading not guilty to 17 counts of drug, weapons, and conspiracy charges. The evidence against him has continued to look bad, though.

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