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One young Marvel fan is being buried under the protection of his favorite superhero. 

As Comic Book reports, Ollie Gardiner was a huge fan of both Star Wars and the Marvel universe. 

"Three years ago today, Odeon Aylesbury gave Ollie and I a free private screening of 'The Force Awakens'. Children on chemo aren’t allowed in crowds in case of infection and Ollie was desperate to see this film. It was so kind of such a huge company to help us," his parents Pete and Jane Gardiner posted on their late son's Facebook page. 

So when Gardiner passed away earlier this year after battling cancer, his parents wanted to honor their son's passion by putting his favorite superhero, Iron Man, on his tombstone. In order to do that, their church required the couple to get Marvel's approval. They reached out, thinking it would be nearly impossible to get a response. 

"We have just been through the process of ordering Ollie’s headstone and after his hero 'Ironman' had proved such an inspiration during Ollie’s treatment, we wanted him represented on the grave," they wrote. "After a little persuasion, the church said we could have him on a few conditions, one of which being that the Marvel Corporation gave their permission. I thought that would be impossible to obtain, but contacted them anyway." 

But to their surprise Marvel not only approved the engraving, but decided to take the reigns in the process. 

"Two weeks later I received an email and not only did they give permission, but also offered their help in mediating with the Church of England," Gardiner's parents wrote. "Ollie will be smiling down knowing his idol will be with him for eternity." 

Check out the full post here. Rest in peace Ollie.