HBO's massive fantasy hit Game of Thrones will conclude next year with its eighth season, and as of right now fans are pretty much expecting to go in blind, with details on the final six episodes pretty sparse. However, a new tweet from George R.R. Martin might have just given some fans an indication on what could appear in the new season.

As Uproxx notes, in the first season, giant ice spiders were referred to in creepy legends told to children. The impossible-sounding creatures appeared in Martin's original novels in passing, too, with the White Walkers riding them into battle. They haven't been seen or heard from since then, but the preview of the 2020 A Song of Ice and Fire calender features the creatures prominently, leading some to believe that it could mean they'll finally be returning.

Of course, it could just be a reference to Old Nan's yarns, but it could also indicate they'll either make their debut proper in the series, or they could appear in the next book from Martin. Until then, all we have is speculation. Here's hoping the first trailer for the upcoming season will give everyone a little more to go on. Season 8 is scheduled to debut sometime in April, 2019.

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