Reality television has been a cornerstone of American entertainment for the past few decades. Most millennials remember turning on MTV to tune into Real World and Road Rules to watch what happened when people were chosen at random to live life isolated from their family and friends while their trials and tribulations were broadcast for the world to see. 

The genre has since evolved into competition shows with a cooking, design, or documentary-style focus. Reality TV culture has transformed from voyeuristic observance into choosing a favorite competitor and rooting for them until their success or ultimate ousting from the series, giving us an opportunity to have a hero or villain in virtually any scenario. We still hold certain competitors, like Tiffany “New York” Pollard as a hero. Though she wasn’t the winner of Flavor of Love, she still has a place in our hearts and has been memed more than any reality TV star to date. 

As a country deeply addicted to not minding our own business, going through the dramatic and emotional process of watching a reality series to an often destructive completion is comforting and rewarding in an indescribable way. Since it can often be tough to pick where to start, here are the 20 best reality TV shows on Netflix.