It must be tiring to be so young and have this fun and be successful, but somebody’s gotta do it! Ariana Grande seems to be trending more and more every day, though she’s had her fair share of hardships this year.

Just one month after releasing Sweetener, Grande’s ex and beloved rapper Mac Miller tragically passed away, and her relationship with comedian Pete Davidson came to an end just as publicly as it began back in May. Though her personal life unfortunately became a public spectacle, Ari rolled with the punches, dropping her first number one single, “thank u, next,” and the accompanying video, which drew from films like Bring It On! and Legally Blonde, and just broke YouTube’s record for most views in the first day of release. She will reportedly grace her fans with another album soon and has launched a YouTube video diary of last year’s Dangerous Woman tour.

Some celebrities choose to deactivate their accounts or go dark when the going gets tough, but Ari has channeled her energy into releasing new music, showing love to her fans, and clapping back at the human embodiment of a mildew stain that is Piers Morgan. Her online presence is more prominent than ever, with a Twitter full of retweeted messages from fans and an Instagram page loaded with gorgeous snapshots from her life. On the latter platform in particular, her aesthetic never falters, and her follower count is only going up.

Grande always delivers on Instagram, with reminders that she really is just like us—that is, a sucker for relatable content and a good filter on that candid pic your friend took of you. Here are Ariana Grande’s best Instagram posts.