Perhaps the only argument more prevalent than the one around the existence of a Mr. Christ around this time of year is whether or not the original Die Hard qualifies as a traditional holiday film. Now, that argument boasts the participation of 20th Century Fox.

Tuesday, Fox dropped off a modified trailer for the 1988 Bruce Willis and Alan Rickman-starring movie in which it's billed, perhaps quite accurately, as "the greatest Christmas story." The new cut comes complete with traditional holiday music, a throwback voiceover, and some choice holiday puns.

For comparison, here's a less holiday-y version of a Die Hard trailer. If by some chance you haven't seen the original Die Hard, theaters across the country typically hold one-off screenings around this time of year for reasons made obvious by this remixed trailer. Maybe do that instead of waiting on Mr. Christ to hit you back.

Back in July, Willis gave his take on the holiday status of the franchise opener. "Die Hard is not a Christmas movie!" Willis told attendees of his Comedy Central roast. Co-screenwriter Steven E. de Souza, however, disagrees. Just under one year ago, CNN's Jake Tapper hit him up on Twitter for some clarity regarding this issue that has apparently remained important to many people for decades: