Writer: Frank Miller
Artist: Dave Mazzucchelli

In the early 1980s, Daredevil was on life support. Slumping sales and a general indifference towards the character almost caused Marvel to write him off completely. Enter artist Frank Miller, who was promoted to Daredevil's primary writer and turned the title into one of the decade's best superhero reads.

After his initial stint, Miller came back to the book in 1986 for a story called “Born Again” where Matt Murdock’s life is systematically destroyed by the Kingpin after he finds out that Murdock is actually Daredevil. His identity was sold-out by his one-time girlfriend, Karen Page, who, in typical Miller fashion, turned into a drug-addicted porn star. This story completely deconstructed the Daredevil character, leaving him a flimsy husk of broken bones and Catholic guilt. As the story went on, Murdock pulled himself out of his own hell and reclaimed his city.

Miller's Daredevil is a full-on Greek tragedy packed with explosions and spandex. Simply put, it's Marvel's greatest solo superhero story.