Things get a little hectic when the hottest celebrity couple of the year also becomes the biggest breakup of the year, but it’s Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande’s world, and we’re just living in it. We’re a little over a month out from their split, and Ari stans are still feverishly dragging the SNL comedian every chance they get.

It doesn’t help that Grande released “Thank U, Next,” the best getting-over-it breakup anthem on this side of 2010. Davidson returned to Instagram to promote his forthcoming movie Big Time Adolescence, which is showcasing at Sundance. Soon after, fans began flooding the comments in a Beyhive-inspired fashion with the phrase “thank u, next.”

One Arianator went in on Davidson writing, "Ur cancelled tysm for breaking with Ariana bc she's doing much better BYE.”

That’s when Scooter Braun, Grande’s manager and the person who originally brought the couple together, decided to put a stop to the hate. "Stop the bullshit,” he wrote. “It is nothing like that and Pete is a good dude. No one has hate for this guy and he is a stand up guy. Show respect because trust me everyone on this side knows he deserves it and wishes him well."

Pete is no stranger to negativity from Grande’s intense fan base. Even while they were dating, his social media accounts were flooded with angry comments and even death threats, which is why he decided to delete everything in the first place.

“Whenever I think of something, or whenever I post something I like and then people just shit all over it, you’re asking for it,” he told Howard Stern back in September. “If you want to find bad stuff about yourself you can very easily. I want to beat everybody up, but I can’t.”

In "Thank U, Next," Ariana sings about being grateful for Pete. Breakups, especially public ones, aren't fun for anyone—so leave the man alone!