Complex News' Speedy Morman sat down with artist Mike Giant at the Hennessy booth at ComplexCon to talk about his collaboration with the popular cognac brand. According to Giant, Hennessy's decision to spotlight legendary track cyclist Marshall “Major” Taylor for its latest "Wild Rabbit" campaign played an integral role in his involvement.

"I've been a huge fan of Mr. Taylor since I heard about him a good 15 years ago, so much so that I got a tattoo on my hand here of Major Taylor of his bicycle," he explained while showing off the tattoo. "I think karmically things came around and when this project came to light, they thought of me."

A Taylor-inspired bike designed by Brooklyn-based cycling company Affinity was on display at the Hennessy booth, which Giant received as a gift to add to his bike collection.

Giant, who described Taylor as an American hero, said he was more than happy to highlight the cyclist's accomplishments, which includes a world championship in 1899.

Watch the full clip above, which also features a cameo from Nas, who did the voiceover for this year's “Wild Rabbit” campaign. 

Those who weren't able to attend ComplexCon will get a chance to check out the “Major” bike on Dec. 1 for the Marshall “Major” Taylor Birthday Tribute Ride done through the National Brotherhood of Cyclists that will take place nationwide. For more info, visit here.