J.J. Abrams is producing a new movie with Logic and it's being described as "Clerks for a new generation." Everything Must Go will star the YSIV rapper, who's also co-writing the film with Black-ish writer Lisa McQuillan. Kevin Smith's iconic indie Clerks arrived in 1994 and got a follow-up in 2006.

According to Variety, Abrams' Bad Robot production company picked up a slate of six new projects from filmmakers they believe to have promise, The Good Place executive producer Megan Amram and comedian and screenwriter Blair Butler. Butler is writing one called The Steps which hopes to put an odd spin on the possession genre of horror movies. Amram is writing a woman-led horror flick.

Outside of development, Bad Robot just released the horror film Overlord. The schlocky movie combines a World War II setting with zombies and other monsters to create a sort of live-action Wolfenstein

Abrams has been spreading some of his Star Wars money around, investing in or getting involved with all sorts of projects over the last year. He's producing the series Lovecraft Country for HBO alongside equally hyper-busy creative Jordan Peele. Abrams also recently launched a record label offshoot of his production company called Loud Robot. And somewhere in between all that and directing a new Star Wars movie, he's finding time to think up the next entry into the Cloverfield series

Logic is no slouch either. He's spent the last few years steadily gaining more and more buzz without so much as a bit hit single. And beyond his most-recent album, the rapper said he has 7 whole projects ready to go