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On Monday the first trailer for Detective Pikachu was unveiled and Pokémon fans around the globe immediately weighed in on the franchise's first-ever live-action production.

The movie stars Justice Smith (The Get Down, Jurassic World) and Ryan Reynolds as the yellow pocket monster, but one creature stole the spotlight and it is, of course, Jigglypuff. The pink little monster that sings people to sleep, before getting pissed off and drawing on their faces, makes a short appearance in the trailer. Her furry features and grumpy expression caught everyone's attention. 

It's clear that live action Jigglypuff is not here to mess around. And what tf is she about to do with that incapacitated man? 

Jigglypuff's appearance also launched a debate over whether it should be furry or smooth like a pig, producing a really creepy image I must link below. 

But most importantly, this Jigglypuff is a MOOD and produced a flurry of memes. Detective Pikachu hits theaters next summer, but until then check out more Jigglypuff goodness below.