An Ohio couple's engagement photos have gained national attention. And it's all thanks to Dave Chappelle.

While shooting their engagement photos over the weekend, Thomas Saunders and Emily Eldridge unexpectedly crossed paths with the legendary comedian. Photographer Jaycee Brammer said she spotted Chappelle while conducting the shoot at an Ohio brewery; however, she was understandably hesitant to approach the once-reclusive celebrity. 

"I think we were all a little starstruck and shocked. We knew he was from the area but never expected to see him," Brammer told Yahoo! "I kept my cool as we walked past him to go outside to the patio, even though I really wanted to fangirl it up!"

Chappelle grew up in Yellow Springs and now lives on a farm within the town.

Brammer and the couple were able to keep their collective cool, and continued the photo shoot outside the brewery. But shortly after the camera went up, Chappelle came within 20 feet of them and made eye contact. Saunders built up the courage to talk to Chappelle and request a few photos. Though the star "politely declined," he did ended up speaking to Saunders and Brammer's husband, Dave, for a several minutes. It was apparently enough time to change Chappelle's mind.

"We went back to taking pictures, and not long after he came around and said, 'I'm gonna photobomb you guys,'" Saunders said. "Emily and I couldn't hold it together, and we were incredibly grateful for him making an exception for us."

You can check out the photos below. 

After several snaps, Brammer re-approached Chappelle to show him the photos. His response? "We're gonna go viral, man.'"