Tiffany Haddish is ready to create a more inclusive remake of the Halloween classic Hocus Pocus. Alongside Billy Eichner during his show Billy on the Street, the two search for some woke witches to join them in an imaginary reboot aptly titled Wokus Pocus. Watch the hilarity in the video above.

In a few short minutes, Billy and Haddish intensely approach people to cast their third witch. They run into a lesbian Chinese woman, whom they label a "Crazy Witch Asian," a Brazilian woman, a few white men, a man from Colombia, and a black woman who shouts Haddish’s signature catchphrase “she ready!”

“Sir, I’m gay, she’s black, what do you bring to the table?” Eichner asks one older man, who reveals he’s from Colombia. The man then suggests Eichner and Haddish need to add a little flavor to their trio. “You’ve definitely got more flavor than Kathy Najimy, I’ll tell you that much.”

Even though a Hocus Pocus with Eichner and Haddish is not actually happening, it should. Given Bette Midler’s recent troubling comments erasing black women, it’s time for an update of the 25-year-old film. 

A Hocus Pocus remake would fall in line with some of the other witch-y content being rebooted this Halloween season. A reimagining of Sabrina dubbed The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina hits Netflix on Oct. 26, and a Charmed reboot with a cast led by women of color debuted on Oct. 14. It would also be dope to create brand new, original stories about a diverse set of witches!