Know what's even scarier than flashing lights? Ventriloquist dummies. We challenge you to think of a time when one of the pint-sized human replicas popped up in a story and things took a turn for the better. Exactly. Even the Are You Afraid Of The Dark? opening was scarier than the actual program half the time because of the two-second glimpse you'd catch of that scary-ass clown puppet. You know what we're talking about.

That said, our sympathies went out to ventriloquist Jerry Etherson (Cliff Robertson) the moment we learned of his profession. The second you see him drinking and rambling about his dummy being alive, one look at that thing's face and you knew exactly what the deal was. While "The Dummy" might not have introduced us to the most surprising of Twilight Zone plot twists, we've got to admit that watching the story unfold did make us want to keep a pair of nunchucks on hand during toy store visits.