There's nothing like an episode as disturbing as "The Masks" to make you repent all of the bratty shit you ever put your parents through. We couldn't prove it, but we have a hunch that teens kissing up to their folks was at an all-time high after this dark-as-hell Twilight Zone episode hit the small screen in 1964.

Karma can be a bitch, and it's never been more apparent than in Season Five's tale of a dying, elderly father/grandfather (Robert Keith) and his heinous family. Rather than grieving over their soon-to-be-deceased patriarch, the loathsome foursome are essentially counting down the seconds until he passes, which is when they'll finally receive his millions of dollars.

Little do they know that father Jason is no fool, and as a little proviso to their inheritance, they'll have to sport a collection of —to put it nicely—unfortunate-looking masks at his Mardi Gras soiree until the clock strikes midnight. Once they take them off, they'll have more money than they'll know what to do with—and those of us watching will be blessed with nightmares for years.