Poor herby Henry Bemis (played by the great Burgess Meredith). In this quintessential Twilight Zone episode, all the bookish bank teller craves is a little time alone to kick back and read. Unfortunately, his heinous wife, miserable job, and other lame, book-blocking circumstances seem to get in the way without fail every time he attempts to pick up a novel. Well, they always say to be careful what you wish for.

In one of TV's most memorable displays of that old adage, a nuclear explosion winds up destroying the world around Bemis, who, thanks to a trip into the bank's vault for some on-the-low reading, manages to emerge the disaster's sole survivor. Faced with the reality of a post apocalyptic life without company, the story's hero is just about ready to commit suicide—until he discovers the local library's books still intact. Bemis goes from hopeless to manic the moment he uncovers a literally endless supply of classics with "time enough at last" to savor every one.

But this being The Twilight Zone, happy endings are a rarity. Just as our hero is ready to start his very first pick, the unthinkable happens: His glasses break, leaving him cripplingly blind. Roll credits. While we'd l
ike to think the guy might've happened to stumble upon a Cohen's Optical or something, there's no denying that things are looking extremely grim.