Let's be real: Who among us hasn't woken up somewhere questionable on occasion with little recollection as to how we got there? Well, chances are that stranger's floor where you discovered yourself using a bag of Doritos as a pillow is far preferable to a large, scary metal cylinder with no way out. Except up. Very high up.

Such is the plight of the five characters referred to in this unsettling episode's title: a ballerina (Susan Harrison), a bagpiper (Clark Allen), an army Major (William Windom), a clown (Murray Matheson), and a hobo (Kelton Garwood), the last three of which would probably be scary to wake up next to regardless. The quintet develops a Breakfast-Club-on-crack-type bond as they try to determine where they are and how to escape. Regrettably, it isn't exactly good news waiting for them on the flip side. Try not to tear up during that final shot.