We'd probably be hypocrites if we said we wouldn't start tailing a mysterious dude with the ability to hook people up with things they'll imminently need—gratis, no less.

In the first season's twelfth episode, we're introduced to Pedott (Ernest Truex), a peddler with such a gift and a Mary Poppins-like briefcase of loot to match. One minute, a guy at the bar receives a pair of bus tickets to Scranton before he's called for a job offer there, the next a woman is (slightly less awesomely) granted a bottle of stain remover, helping the newly employed man get a spot out of his shirt before the meeting. Hell, we certainly wouldn't mind having a friend like that—and neither does Renard (Steve Cochran), an old-school juicehead who witnesses Pedott's third eye in action and proceeds to start stalking him, threatening him into freebies.

There's a reason you don't mess with these old seers. At the very end of the episode, it's revealed that Pedott knew his douchey new friend would eventually try to kill him, and his
 last gift turns out to be a real life-saver, though not necessarily for its recipient.