Ezra Koenig's magical high-society Netflix anime Neo Yokio is returning this December with a Christmas special. The new episode dubbed "Pink Christmas" was teased with a clip shared by just about everybody involved in the project on Twitter. 

The candymaker Toblerone tweeted out that the world needed more of the show, with an edited screenshot of the main character Kaz Kaan (voiced by Jaden Smith) holding an oversized version of the candy bar. The official account of Neo Yokio responded with the teaser for "Pink Christmas."

.@toblerone what about a christmas special? pic.twitter.com/mkFKixlmUc

— Neo Yokio (@NeoYokio) October 9, 2018

Koenig had previously hinted that the show wasn't over after it's initial six-episode run. During an episode of his Beats 1 show Time Crisis back in February, the Vampire Weekend frontman told fans to keep their eyes open.  

“All I'll say is Neo’s not dead,” he said, when a listener asked about the show. 

Not everyone was excited to hear that the story of wizardry and status in an alternate universe New York was returning. Desus Nice, who plays Kaz's friend Gottlieb in the show, immediately started responding to negativity surrounding the announcement. 

we brought it back just to piss u off https://t.co/WKzchl3LWU

— Desus Nice (@desusnice) October 9, 2018

The teaser itself doesn't reveal too much: The characters don't appear, but at least we see Christmas decorations. "Pink Christmas" drops on Netflix on Dec. 7.