Logan Paul's meteoric descent from the top of the internet was astounding, to say the least. His (and younger brother, Jake's) popularity tanked due to his infamous vlog, making him one of 2018's most hated people before New Year's Day had even concluded.

Even after losing his YouTube ad revenue, endorsements, and other potential deals, the 23 year-old still desires to create content (though at a slower rate). The Hollywood Reporter recently caught up with Paul to talk about his past transgressions and the effects they had on his life. When speaking on the "suicide forest" video, he states that he "should've felt empathy. I should have been like, 'Hey, this is wrong. Let's not do what we're doing.'" However, failure to apply such thinking led to the video that pissed off the world, including actor Aaron Paul (no relation), whose viral critique felt like "a stab in the back" to Logan.

One would think that his controversial videos would've stopped there, but one month after the forest incident, he posted another questionable video in which he tasered a dead rat. Though he now believes it was "one of the dumbest things" he'd done, he said he "didn't know what to do. I'm already hated, I guess I'll give them a reason to dislike me."

Despite his reprehensible actions, Paul's career doesn't seem completely trapped in despair. His YouTube page has actually managed to gain a million followers since the incident. "Good luck trying to cancel me," he says in response to his naysayers. He obviously has no plans to stop, as he looks to rebuild his empire. "I love this shit. This creating? It's my passion." Hopefully, for his sake, he doesn't rely on such outrageous antics in the future.