Two years after Kim Kardashian was robbed at gunpoint, TMZ reports that the highly publicized incident has led to more legal drama.

Kim’s insurance company has reportedly filed a lawsuit against Pascal Duvier, the star’s former bodyguard who left her shortly before the robbery went down. According to TMZ, Duvier and his firm Protect Security are being sued for $6.1 million, the amount AIG paid to Kim for the stolen jewelry, which included a $4 million ring from Kanye West.

The mother of three was staying at the No Address Hotel during Paris Fashion Week when she decided to show off some of her jewelry via Snapchat. Hours after the social media posts, armed gunmen entered her room wearing clothing emblazoned with the word “Police.” Kim detailed her experience to Parisian authorities.

“I heard a noise at the door, like footsteps, and I shouted to ask who was there, but no one answered. I called my bodyguard at 2:56 a.m.,” she told authorities, according to a leaked police report. “Then beyond the sliding doors I saw two people arrive with the gentleman from reception, and he was tied up.”

Kim went on to say that the assailants put tape over her mouth and tied her up with plastic cables before fleeing the scene with her jewelry.

At the time of the crime, Duvier had gone to a nearby nightclub with Kim’s sisters Kourtney Kardashian and Kendall Jenner. AIG argues the bodyguard was culpable in the robbery for two main reasons: He left his client without protection, and also failed to correct multiple security breaches at the hotel, such as an unsecured front gate and a nonfunctioning door intercom.