Director: Michael Pressman
Leading Actors: Paige Turco, Ernie Reyes, Jr.,
NYC Neighborhoods Featured: Times Square

It lasts but a minute; however, the first sixty seconds of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze has done more for New York tourism than any other film featuring talking turtles. In those sixty seconds, the camera leaps around locations near Times Square for a montage that unites New Yorkers of every class, creed, and color through one of the Big Apple's most beloved products: the pizza slice. Yes, it's a goofy movie that only works now as a nostalgia machine for folks of a certain generation, but the opening pizza montage is golden, a cinematic shrine to the pie. If you saw it as a child, as this writer did, the idea was implanted in your soul that you would have to one day travel to NYC and eat pizza.

And that's how I started at Complex. —RS