Director: Whit Stillman
Leading Actors: Carolyn Farina, Edward Clements, Chris Eigeman
NYC Neighborhoods Featured: Upper East Side

Whit Stillman's Metropolitan oscillates uneasily between loving and hating the group of young bourgeois at the film's center. They attend lavish parties and exchange witty dialogue in gorgeous UES apartments. At every turn, the film claims to be documenting a dying breed, but twenty-somethings in New York would beg to differ. Though most of us don't see many tuxes with tails or debutante balls these days, the socio-economic navel gazing and pseudo-intellectual statements like, "You don't have to read a book to have an opinion on it," will feel familiar to anyone who's been dragged to a hip Williamsburg rooftop party. But the film's hesitant approach to satire complicates what would otherwise be a standard comedy about the rich WASPS we all love to hate. —BG