Director: Brian De Palma
Leading Actors: Al Pacino, Sean Penn, Penelope Ann Miller
NYC Neighborhoods Featured: Astoria, Queens; Harlem; Greenwich Village

Al Pacino stars in yet another New York film, this time playing an aging gangster on the rebound. Crime behind him, he now manages a club, trying to make enough money to leave the city altogether. He treats his workers well, lets strangers dance with his girl, and doesn't even kill all of the up-and-coming gangsters (guess why that's a problem). Sean Penn, playing his sleazy lawyer friend David, takes care of all that. The role reversals are fun, even light-hearted. Carlito's like your friendly uncle who probably used to do terrible things under the influence of alcohol, but way before your time. David's haircut provides all the gangster bravado of a kid playing dress-up. That is, until the movie turns into a dark jog to impending doom, with plenty bullets fired in Grand Central Terminal. —GT