On June 2, 2002, HBO revolutionized the crime TV genre forever when The Wire premiered in their infamous Sunday night 10 p.m. slot. With Snot Boogie’s dead body lying in the middle of a West Baltimore street, we immediately became captivated by the stories surrounded by the drug trade, seaport system, city government corruption, school system, and the printed media. Over the course of five seasons and 60 episodes, we took sides in the Barksdale-Standfield drug war, practiced saying "sheeeeeiiittt" like Clay Davis, wondered how McNulty kept his job, and were in total disbelief by the way Omar went out.

In an era where reality TV rules all, crime dramas have not lost their step since The Wire signed off the air in 2008. We had the difficult task of delving into the best crime TV shows since then. Covering it all from attractive serial killers to desegregation, these shows have kept us on our toes episode after episode with intense, thought-provoking writing and top-tier acting. After some intense, healthy debating, the Complex family has decided that these shows have properly carried the torch left by The Wire

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