A prank war has erupted on the Child’s Play movie set.

About a month after the horror flick kicked off production, stars Brian Tyree Henry and Aubrey Plaza have made it their mission to terrify their young costars. One of the attempts proved successful, while another, well, not so much.

Henry recently shared an Instagram video in which he is seen on the Child’s Play set scaring the living s**t out of the kid actors. The Emmy-nominated star hid around a corner as the children began to shoot a scene. He then interrupts the shot by jumping in front of the unsuspecting cast, causing them to collectively scream.

Check out the clip below.

Plaza couldn’t help but to join in on the fun. She also posted a video of her attempted prank on Gabriel Bateman. Plaza decided to hide in a van, covered by sheets, and jump out as soon as Bateman entered the vehicle. But unlike Henry’s effort, hers was a pretty big fail.

“I’m not scared. Not even in the slightest,” the kid told Plaza as he made his way to his seat.

Plaza declared in caption: “THIS. IS. NOT. OVER. THIS IS WAR.”

The Child’s Play reboot will be produced by David Katzenberg and Seth Grahame-Smith (It). Tyler Burton Smith wrote the script and Lars Klevberg is directing.

The details of the plot have not been confirmed; however, it’s been reported that the film will ditch the possessed-doll storyline and instead present Chucky as a technologically advanced toy that was programed to kill.

Stay tuned as more details about the MGM project become available.