In March, The Room creator Tommy Wiseau put out a Joker audition tape for The Nerdist that sits somewhere between Jared Leto and Heath Ledger on the villain scale (which...yeah, that's a big range). In the six months since then Wiseau's desire to be the Joker hasn't really diminished, as evidenced by him recreating the classic interrogation scene from The Dark Knight alongside his collaborator and Batman-playing friend Greg Sestero.

Anyway, the scene, above, will take four and a half minutes of your time and contains the script's actual dialogue. Good luck.

In news that doesn't revolve around Wiseau and Sestero imitating Gotham's most famous frenemies, the two came to mainstream attention following 2017's Disaster Artist and have now starred in the dark comedy Best F(r)iends, about a homeless L.A. drifter who gets employed at a morgue by a mysterious boss.

That'll be available on iTunes on Sept. 25, which is *checks watch* tomorrow. Might be worth a peek if you've now enjoyed Wiseau playing the Joker in two completely separate instances.

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