Tiffany Haddish continues to drop gems on her press tour to promote Night School with Kevin Hart. After teaching Stephen Colbert some terrible etiquette, and clearing the air about her relationship with Katt Williams, the comedian stopped by The Late Late Show to give out some pristine sex advice to James Corden’s audience.

In the clip below, when Corden asks Haddish what class she would choose to teach, she quickly replies “sex education.” Her first lesson? Hygiene. “Good hygiene equals good sex,” she says. “I would tell the women, the young ladies in my class, look you gonna have to take a bath at least once a week. You gotta drown. You gots to drown it. And put like a half a box of baking soda in there, get the pH balance right.”

“And fellas,” she continues, “You gotta go ahead and put that hot dog in some hot water.”

The 38-year-old has expressed interest in teaching sex ed before. "I don't mind being a teacher. I always say, ‘If this comedy thing doesn’t work out, I would probably be a sex education teacher," she told Glamour in her September issue cover story. "I would be the best sex education teacher. I guarantee none of my kids would have STDs after I finish teaching them."

After watching Haddish masterfully teach Jada Pinkett Smith how to grapefruit a man in 2017’s Girls Trip, I’d definitely sign up for any sex ed class taught by her.

Tiffany spends the rest of the interview shooting her shot with Magnum P.I. star Jay Hernandez. The two flirt as Hernandez talks about his empty new apartment in Hawaii, where the CBS reboot is being filmed. "It's paradise. That being said, the first thing I got was a mattress. That's all I had in an empty apartment," he explains. "The second thing I bought was a cabinet full of liquor."

Haddish quickly suggests she needs to visit, as Hernandez reveals the final thing in his apartment is a surfboard. “I figured I'd get all the essentials. I don't even know how to surf,” he admits.

"Oh, I know how to surf," Haddish replies. "I could teach you."

Picking up on her cues, Hernandez returns the comedian’s energy. "Your surfing might be a little different," he says, "but I'm down to learn."

Watch their building sexual tension in the clip below.