A Key & Peele skit resurfaced on Twitter as a meme.

The original skit, which aired in 2014, shows Jordan Peele portraying President Obama as he shakes hands with some people. But the kicker is that he greets black people with a little more warmth than the professional handshake he gives everyone else. There are a few standout moments: when a white woman tries to hug him is maneuvered into a handshake instead, and when he comes across Keegan-Michael Key's unnamed character and is uncertain if he is black and doesn't know how to proceed until his handler tells him Key is one-eighth black. The two share an extended hug shortly before Peele's Obama completely disregards a white man trying to shake his hand.

Now, tweeters have taken the clip to add their own spin to it. In one meme, the creator used Marvel films we love and hate. While Iron Man 2 and Iron Man 3 get the standard handshake, Iron Man gets a big 'ol hug. Deadpool 2 tries to hug him, but he puts it back in the handshake zone. The Captain America trilogy gets a group hug while Spider-Man: Homecoming is the one he's unsure of before bringing him in. Then, he righteously ignores The Amazing Spider-Man

Another spoof puts an NBA spin on the clip. While the Kings and the Grizzlies get handshakes, Atlanta Hawks' Trae Young gets a hug. (The rest of the Hawks get a handshake.) The Lakers get love, Clippers get refused, and NBA Twitter gets the group hug. The last hug goes to "Just kidding I love the entire league," but then the creator places the Warriors as the last person who gets ignored. Ouch.

Check out more versions below.