Jay Ellis, who plays Issa's ex on Insecure, dropped in on Jimmy Kimmel's studio in Hollywood Thursday to discuss bringing his character back to the acclaimed HBO comedy.


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"There were petitions," Ellis said of some fans' reaction to his character's post-breakup status moving into the show's current season. "There was this petition on this site called Care2. There were people protesting at screenings in New York and LA. Friends of mine would send me clips and it was like 'No Lawrence, No Peace!'"

Kimmel then suggested that, ahead of the show's season finale, Ellis and his team again insinuate to fans that Lawrence won't be returning so that the cycle can start all over again. "I like that, but the problem is I don't want people to be mad and call me a liar," Ellis joked, later telling the audience to "call HBO."

Ellis also discussed working with Tom Cruise on the upcoming Top Gun sequel, which he confirmed he's been doing for the past month. Though they're still early in the process, Ellis said he's already been tuned into Cruise's unique ability to make an instant connection. "It's amazing, man," Ellis said. "He has this ability to look you in the eye and make you feel like you're the prettiest girl in the room, like no one else exists. It doesn't matter how boring you are. It doesn't matter what you talk about. It's just him and you. It's the most amazing thing."

Insecure is back with its season finale this Sunday on HBO.