Winter is coming! But before that arrives, of course, is the fall, and with that comes the return of a number of your favorite TV shows. Two of Marvel’s heavy hitters (Daredevil and Iron Fist) will be popping up on Netflix soon, while everything from American Horror Story and BoJack Horseman to Riverdale and The Good Place will also be back for new seasons. That doesn’t mean the only good TV is returning series, though; there are some dope new shows on the upcoming fall TV schedule that have the potential to make your personal list of favs. 

Whether it’s a hilarious comedian bringing you a fictionalized version of his life or following the lives of a motorcycle club, there's a little something for everyone coming this fall. There’s also a lot of hot garbage out there, but don’t worry; we’re here to make sure you choose what to watch wisely. Here are our picks from the fall TV lineup for all the new series worth making time to dive into.