Starring: Jamie Lee Curtis, Judy Greer, Andi Matichak
Company: Universal Pictures / Blumhouse
Release Date: October 19

We've suffered through reboots, reimaginings, revivals, cinematic universes… a whole manner of blatant but often lazy and unfulfilling methods to get by on IP and coast off nostalgia and an affinity for the familiar. Halloween is here to offer the best possible alternative. Here's a sequel that fully acknowledges every follow-up since its legendary debut has been a dud (give or take an H20) so the new gimmick is that it's just ignoring those ever existed. I love this. More franchises should embrace this approach. Furthermore, or as a result maybe, the energy put into this one being worthy just seems more vital. Made by people who are fans of the legacy foremost, and who want to do everything to honor it. The energy is infectious—Jamie Lee literally came back from the dead because they made her believe. Declaring seven movies trash and unworthy of holding your beer is tough talk. Failure is not an option. Something tells me the killings here will live up. —Frazier Tharpe