The Avengers 4 leaks are pouring in.

With only about seven months until the Infinity War sequel hits U.S. theaters, many fans have started to share purported images from the much-anticipated superhero flick. The latest of which are a collection of concept art and photos that provide interesting details about Iron Man, War Machine, Black Widow, Thor, Ronin, and, Captain Marvel.

Several images show Brie Larson rocking the Captain Marvel suit. Though the getup looks similar to the one shown in the newly released Captain Marvel trailer, it appears Larson will don an updated hairstyle for the Avengers sequel. Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow also appears to have returned to her redhead ‘do.

The purported concept art also provides a glimpse at Captain America’s new armor with what appears to be scales, the return of Tony Stark’s classic Iron Man suit, new gear for War Machine, as well as Thor’s signature look. Some of the most intriguing images, however, are the ones focused on Hawkeye’s new alias, Ronin—or at least who we believe is Ronin. The shot shows a sword-wielding character wearing an ensemble similar to Ronin’s samurai-inspired suit featured in the comic books.

It’s important to note that the studios have not verified these images; but, as Express points out, several Reddit posters claim these photos and art were provided to toy companies for product references.

Check out the rest of the leaks below.

Avengers 4, which is still untitled, is expected to hit the big screen May 3, 2019.