Cary Fukunaga, the same auteur who helped the first season of True Detective become so fucking great, is bringing his signature touch back to Netflix with next month's Maniac. He directed the service's first-ever original film, Beasts of No Nation, in 2015.

Monday, Netflix shared the limited series' official trailer and—no surprise here—this thing looks really good. Jonah Hill and Emma Stone star as Owen Milgrim and Annie Landsberg, a pair of apparent strangers who are inspired to participate in a seemingly ominous pharmaceutical trial's late stages. As the tagline promises, things do not go as planned.

The series is adapted from the 2014 Norwegian comedy of the same name, which took a more minimalist approach with the plot. The Hakon Bast Mossige/Espen Lervaag–created original followed the conflicts of a psychiatric hospital patient's imagination and reality. Patrick Somerville (The Leftovers) penned all 10 episodes of the Netflix adaptation. As an inspiring aside, it should be noted that Somerville is mostly known as a novelist.

Maniac debuts Sept. 21.


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In October, Hill's directorial debut Mid90s hits theaters. The A24-backed film was also written by Hill and tells the story of a teen in '90s-era Los Angeles who finds solace away from his difficult family life when he makes a new group of skater friends. Hill previously described the Kids-influenced film as a "coming-of-drama" that eschews the use of skateboarding as a trope in favor of something more realistic. "Those are the kind of movies that I’m influenced by the most," he told Collider in 2016.