On Aug. 17, Hulu will be releasing Minding the Gap, a documentary from Bing Liu about three skateboarders living in Rockford, Illinois.

The film features 12 years of footage that Liu shot, in the hopes of making a dope skate film; as he continued grabbing footage, he started to discover that the way his two friends were brought up has a direct impact on the men they are becoming. It's an engaging look at masculinity today, and a powerful film that won the Special Jury Award for Breathtaking Filming at Sundance this year.

In an exclusive clip from Liu's documentary, we meet Keire, a 17-year-old dealing with the effects of his troubled childhood. Sharing some candid moments about what he went through, including being "disciplined" ("they call it child abuse now," Kiere says). Utilizing footage of Keire's anger during his skating, you get to see what would cause a young man to act out in such ways when you realize what they were going through at home.

Learn more about Keire's story through Minding the Gap, which hits Hulu and theaters next week. You can also check out the full trailer up above.