Earlier this week, during our conversation surrounding KYLE's film debut, The After Party (which hit Netflix on Friday, August 24 and was produced by Live Nation Productions), we got into a spirited discussion on hip-hop films. Part of that was due to KYLE's own thoughts on how important a film like The After Party can be for today's rap fan. KYLE shared that, as a young rap fan himself, he grew up watching a number of hip-hop films.

"I remember watching Beat Street and stuff like that and being all into it," he said, before breaking down a trend that happened to hip-hop films in Hollywood: their diminishing presence. "It’s funny. It’s almost like hip-hop had that, and, randomly, we kind of lost it. After 2010 or something, it kind of, like, stopped happening. Hip-hop had that, and I loved that. It made me feel like my culture was larger than life growing up because nothing is more larger than life than a movie. We should be celebrating our hip-hop culture in film because it’s the biggest genre in the world. It has so much history; we’re just not taking enough time to explain it."

With that in mind, KYLE shared five of his favorite hip-hop films—highlighting titles from a genre that goes well beyond rappers portraying fictionalized versions of themselves.

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