Though I'm unfortunately not able to write about it as much as I did back in 2016 and 2017, John Oliver is indeed still at HBO delivering weekly must-sees skewering a number of modern atrocities. For this week's Last Week Tonight, Oliver spent the bulk of the episode reliving into how a Trumpian trade war will adversely affect the average American worker. Before launching into that 21-minute deep-dive, however, Oliver set aside a little time for arguably Trump's most pathetic cheerleader, Rudy "Truth Isn't Truth" Giuliani.

"Giuliani was on TV this morning to talk about the ongoing Mueller investigation and he came up with a rationale for his boss's refusal to sit down with Mueller that was, even by Giuliani standards, very Giuliani," Oliver said Sunday before playing the clip of Giuliani's big dumb Meet the Press moment. "That is not acceptable from a president's lawyer. It's barely acceptable from a sophomore philosophy major who just tried molly for the first time. 'Truth isn't truth, man, and also, toes are just feet-fingers and I feel warm.'"

After letting a bit more of the clip ride out, Oliver wondered aloud what we've all been thinking: Who keeps letting this guy on TV? "At this rate, Trump is gonna wind up behind bars with Giuliani visiting him and saying 'Don't worry, Donald. Prison isn't prison,'" Oliver said.

The Meet the Press clip in question, which serves as merely the latest act of spellbinding idiocy from a guy Oliver has nicknamed "the Ken Bone of 9/11," saw Giuliani quite literally assert that truth is not truth. Host Chuck Todd was then forced to actually counter this argument with a quick "Truth is truth."

And that's your update on the status of political sanity in America as of August 2018.