UPDATED 8/10, 4:45 p.m. ET: Welp, the dreams of Elba starring as James Bond are again crushed. A rep for director Antoine Fuqua shut down rumors that he spoke with James Bond director Barbara Broccoli about Elba portraying 007. "He never had a conversation with Barbara about the franchise or about any casting. It’s all made up stuff. Not sure how it got started," said the rep to The Hollywood Reporter. The site also reached out to Elba's rep but they declined comment.

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Untold numbers of people may still get their wish of seeing Idris Elba play James Bond.

Daily Express reports longtime James Bond producer Barbara Broccoli told director Antoine Fuqua (The Equalizer 2, Training Day) "it is time" for a black actor to portray 007—which could make way for Elba to claim the spot. Fuqua said he's "surprised" a black Bond hasn't been cast. "Barbara probably wanted it for years but it just didn't happen," he said. "I’m surprised it hasn’t happened yet but we just now have Black Panther so it takes a while sometimes to make change happen. I think it will happen eventually."

Daniel Craig, who's portrayed the famed spy since 2006, will take on the role again in 2019's Danny Boyle–helmed Bond 25. But after a 13-year run, it may be time for Craig to step down from the role opening it up for someone new. And Fuqua reportedly believes it should be Elba. "Idris could do it if he was really tight and in shape. He doesn’t look 45. No one would even know," he said. "When Sean Connery stepped into the scene he was a rough old dude." He also reportedly said Connery and Elba have "a physically strong presence" while being "charming and witty."

It's been a long time coming for this move. For the past few years, countless fans have asked for Elba to portray 007. Although it seemed to be in the works at one point, it's still uncertain if Elba even wants the role. Earlier this year, he said he wants to see a woman to play Bond. Either way, it seems we'll be seeing a change-up soon.